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Internal Medicine Residency

Medicine - Pediatrics

A four year combined training program in Medicine and Pediatrics started at the University of Maryland in July 1994 with the recruitment of the first two residents. Our program has reached full maturity with a Med-Peds program director and dedicated Med-Peds community continuity clinics, faculty, chief resident, electives and conferences. We are also the recipients of our second consecutive nationally competitive training grant designated to enhance the education of our Med-Peds residents in managed care, caring for the underserved, cultural diversity and evidence-based medicine.

The cohesion among the Med-Peds residents is palpable and a major strength of the program. We seek residents interested in careers in primary care, subspecialty practice or academic medicine by emphasizing continuity of care that spans the ages. Through close mentoring, residents develop the knowledge and clinical skills to be eligible to take the certifying examinations for both medicine and pediatrics at the conclusion of the training program. Over the four year period, residents spend 24 months in each discipline and receive training in ambulatory, inpatient and intensive care settings. Residents alternate 3 and 6 month blocks in pediatrics and internal medicine to allow experience with seasonal illnesses that is critical in learning to care for children. During each block, residents participate in all aspects of the categorical curriculum of Medicine and Pediatrics, including patient care and educational conferences.

Ambulatory care is an important and emphasized part of the combined curriculum. Residents attend a continuity clinic in internal medicine and pediatrics on alternate weeks throughout the four years. In this way, residents maintain continuity care for their panel of patients whether they are on a medicine or pediatric block. Since the Med-Peds residents attend clinic on one of two afternoons, they function in a group practice within the larger clinic setting. A second half-day of clinic in a community Med-Peds practice during the third and fourth years compliments the inner city clinic experience.

Combined Med-Peds electives and a monthly Med-Peds conference help to solidify the combined clinical and didactic experiences. The Med-Peds Chief Resident coordinates educational and administrative issues. In addition, the Med-Peds residents and all program directors meet quarterly to discuss programmatic issues.

A summary of the curriculum follows. All of the rotations are described in the Internal Medicine and Pediatric web sites in the context of the categorical programs. Conference schedules, training sites, clinical responsibilities, salaries and benefits are the same as for categorical residents.

The Medicine curriculum (2 years as 26 4-week blocks/year)

The Pediatric Curriculum (2 years as 26 4-week blocks/year)

The Four Year Curriculum in Medicine-Pediatrics

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Medicine Rotations - 6.5 blocks/year
1 Elective
2 IP wards (GIM, ID)
0.5 DF/NF
0.5 ER
0.5 ECS
1 Amb block
1 Elective
3 IP wards *
0.5 DF/NF
2 Amb blocks
1 Elective
1 IP wards
1 IP Cardiology
0.5 MOD
1 Amb block
2 Electives
1.5 NF/DF, CC
0.5 MOD
0.5 NACR
Pediatric Rotations - 6.5 blocks/year
0.5 Academic block
2 IP Wards
1 Elective
1 Hospitalist/Mercy
2 Behav/Develop/
1 Full-term nursery
1 Hospitalist/ Mercy
1.5 PER
1 Adolescent medicine
2 Electives
1 IP ward supervisor
1.5 PER or MMC
3 Electives
1 IP ward supervisor
1.5 PER Supervisor

Amb - Ambulatory
CC - Cross Cover
CCS - Complex Cardiology Service - CCU
DF - Day Float
ER/PER - Emergency Room/Pediatric Emergency Room
ECS - Emergency Care Services (Urgent Care - VA)
GIM - General internal medicine
ID - Infectious Diseases
IP - Inpatient
MICU - Medical intensive care unit
MMC - Mercy Medical Center
MOD - Medical office of the day
NACR - Night Acting Chief Resident
NF - Night Float
NICU - Neonatal intensive care unit
PCS - Progressive Cardiology Service
PICU - Pediatric intensive care unit
* Refers to GIM, Cardiology, Subspecialty or ID inpatient services

Application Process for the Med-Peds Program

All applicants must submit their applications through ERAS and include a CV, personal statement, Dean's letter, transcript, 3-4 letters of recommendation (including a letter from the chair of Medicine, Pediatrics or both), USMLE Step 1 scores and a photograph. USMLE Step 2 scores should be forwarded when available. Applicants are granted interviews on the same day for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics from early November through the end of January. You can find more information about the recruitment process at Application Process.

Dr. Ronald San Juan, a former chief resident of our Med-Peds program, serves as Program Director for Med-Peds with Drs. Susan D. Wolfsthal (program director for IM) and Erin Giudice (program director for Peds) serving as co-directors of the Med-Peds program. Dr. Robert Habicht - also a former chief resident - serves as the Assistant Program Director. For more information about the Med-Peds program and the University of Maryland, you can contact us at Visit our Med-Peds web site where you can learn more about the residents, alumni and upcoming Med-Peds. Also you can learn more about the training program in the Department of Pediatrics at their web site.

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